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PSN Gaming Issues – Waiting For New Update


There hasn’t been any day without an issue with PlayStation’s network. Today it happened for the 3rd time in only a week, so we are starting to think that the company has serious problems with its’ network. Although this time the issue wasn’t as serious as the last time, when all services were affected by the problem, the situation is disturbing and the users are starting to wonder why a gigantic company can face these events.

How was the community affected by this issue

Sony representatives declared that at this moment the issue impacted only social and gaming features. This is a serious flaw, since people primarily use PlayStation 4 to play video games. They updated their website status with a message announcing users that they might have difficulties in launching some games or online applications, but their engineers are putting all efforts to solve the issues.

Even if the other services from PlayStation Network, including account management, the online store, music and video were working properly, this was a poor compensation for all those who wanted to play their favorite games. These were the main reasons which made them become PlayStation customers in the first place.

Although this issue is solved at the moment, these difficulties have happened for the third time this week and this fact is embarrassing for a company like the one we are talking about.

What should you do if you encounter this situation?

If you receive a maintenance notification while the network is going through some issues, just wait until they solve it and follow the updates. Also, if your games don’t work but other features do, try to do something else for fun while you are waiting. Nothing is forever and, as embarrassing for the company as they are, it goes without saying that they will solve them fast, like they did this time.