Pokemon Go is now offering us the ability to fight other users in the game, through the PvP multiplayer mode. Niantic developer of the game stated in the O Globo newspaper that this update is rumored to be released this summer. We are already at the beginning of June and we are more excited than ever for this new update!

We heard that the features were meant to be released long before this summer but they had to delay it till now due to the Pokemon Go’s success. But for the release of the Legendary Pokemon we can wait a little bit longer, right?

Niantic said there will be trading and PvP fights and catchable legendary Pokemons, making this summer well, legendary.
Articuno the legendary bird’s appearance in the game was unfortunately canceled by the developer.

The success of the Pokemon Go took us by surprise a year ago when it was released and because of that, there will be some major changes in the future just to keep us entertained.

Collaboration With Other Firms

Pokemon Go has partnered with many companies such as McDonald’s, installing PokeStops and Gyms inside the restaurant and promising to pay $0.15 for every client coming there to claim its Pokemon. This way they attracted 2000 clients per day in Japan and a total of 500 million. Amazing, I’d say.

The company is making a lot of cash through this process and is now able to make the game even more loved by its audience with new features and new location and even attract the former players who stopped a year ago.

I personally stopped playing the game for a big period of time now and with these features coming, I might reconsider to redownload the game.