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Recover all your Android Data with the PrimoSync Software


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It happens often for users to lose all the data on their device. Whether there is some error or they try some risky programs, losing everything you have on your phone is a plausible scenario. It also happens very often to see Android users who do not have any kind of back up. This means that once the data is gone it is gone forever.

However, there are some methods to get back everything you lost. There are many software recovery tools out there, but it is hard to find one that does everything that promises. When it comes to Android, one software that manages to recover your lost data is Primo. It does its job well and it is available for iOS devices. Let us take a look and see what it has to offer.

Compatible with numerous devices

When it comes to Primo you do not have to worry that your phone is not compatible for it. In fact, the software has full compatibility with more than 6000 Android devices, including phones and tablets such Google, Motorola, HUAWEI, Samsung and many others.

Scan all your data

You can use this software to extract all files from Android devices. This means that you can save the files on your computer using a quick scan, or, if you want something more, you can use a deep scan that should find and recover even the lost and the hidden files from your Android phone and tablet. This means that you can get back data that was lost after a virus attack, a OS update failure, a rooting error, factory restore or even accidental deletion.

Additionally, this software is completely free and it is one of the most popular data recovery softwares since it is safe and clean.

PrimoSync software is available free download here.