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Return of Yahoo Messenger as a Mobile Messenger


Yahoo is one of the largest companies in world, founded in 1994 still amongst the top 10, Yahoo got famous through its mail features, and now Yahoo is back with a bang to compete with other apps such as Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger etc.

The company just few days back released a complete package version of Yahoo Messenger, keeping group chats and image sharing in mind.

In more simple words, Yahoo Messenger will now look like Facebook  messenger, Whatsapp, Line or Wechat. So do we need any other messaging app, What say ?

Yahoo is not a newcomer in terms of messaging stuff.

Yahoo first launched it’s Yahoo messenger in 1998. Mainly it was a desktop messaging app, but now it’s a brand new app with all new features which the user will love to use.

The new Yahoo Messenger is both on iOS and on Android as well. It will let a user to chat with their friends and family in a more interesting way and it has also group messaging option as well.

The users will find new style of status they can put on with new screen names with methaphors.

Now, overall we can call this app a Modern app like all new apps which we are using in our daily life.

This new yahoo app is not just about text, you can click picture and you cand send your friends at the same time just like you use thi feature on other app ,but one unique part is that a user can download a full size photo without getting it compressed and save it in the camera roll.

This difference is very big only few people will understand, but still yahoo stands up in comparsion to all other messaging app.

In Yahoo Messenger, the user can easily go through the pictures all in one go, without scrolling up or down the conversations.

The all other new features in terms of messaging, this new app can make the send messages as unsend, if  the user regrets sending them, and if the user is quick enough to do that then the recipient would not be able to know also that there was some message from the user or not , and the best part of unsend messages is that, Yahoo deletes the message from its server and also from the recipient’s phone.

On the other hand the users would able to like the messages as well instantly it’s different from the  Facebook thumb feature.

This will help the users mainly when they will be doing group chat.

The other main feature is the users can send even GIFs directly from the app, instead of emoji and stickers on one click on GIF button the users may search Tumblr by keyword and user will able to browse available GIFs, one important point in this context is Yahoo owns one of the most biggest GIF database in the world TUMBLR.

Like other messaging apps, there is a desktop version of Yahoo Messenger as well, users may find at messenger.yahoo.com, through which the user will be able to sign in and can send the messages from laptop.

And users will also find Yahoo messenger in Yahoo Mail, like Hangouts chats in Gmail.

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