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Review: The Best VPN Options For Personal Use


VPN is a technology generally used by advanced users. At least until now, when VPN’s benefits became increasingly appreciated and better known to the general public. Here are the best VPN options for personal use.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network, in short VPN, is, as the name suggests, a privately accessed network of servers based on login data.

Such a network can be used to access internal resources or redirect traffic.

The first case is generally used by companies that, in this way, provide access to internal resources for employees working remotely. Accessible by name and password, the privately configured private network cannot be accessed by unauthorized people.

The second case, the redirect of the traffic, is the one that addresses the general public and offers more advantages to those who use it.

First, the VPN provides a greater level of privacy and security. The user no longer connects directly to the Internet but through a private network. This means that traffic is filtered by the VPN, and a cyber attack or attempted theft of personal information will not succeed as the attacker will not communicate directly with the user’s device.

The best VPN options for personal use

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear is a Canadian company and, as it is a subject to local laws, it has a higher level of credibility from that point of view.

In addition, TunnelBear has another interesting feature, namely, that it does not record any data traffic on servers, which is a very important privacy and security detail for many users.

TunnelBear comes in three variants:

  • Little (FREE) – limited to only 500 Mb of data per month;
  • Giant ($6.99/month) – it is billed monthly and is unlimited;
  • Grizzly ($4.16/month) – it is billed annually ($49.99) and is also unlimited;


If you’ve already studied some VPN solutions, you probably heard about NordVPN.

This VPN service is managed by Tefincom Co S.A., based in Panama. The company was founded in 2008, and the NordVPN service was launched in 2012.

The NordVPN service is available in three variants, the only difference being their price:

  • 1-month subscription – $11.95 per month;
  • 1-year subscription (billed annually) – $69 per year ($5.75 per month);
  • 2-year subscription (billed once) – $79 ($3.29 per month);

IPVanish VPN

The American company IPVanish boasts 15 years of experience in the management of IP networks and services.

With headquarters in North America and Europe, this company provides a global action and a very high influence in a large market.

IPVanish provides the highest quality (high speed, secure connection) and great customer service at the best price.

It comes with 3 subscription plans:

  • 1-month – $7.5 (billed monthly);
  • 3-months – $20.24 ($6.74/month) and is billed every 3 months;
  • 1-year – $58.49 ($4.87/month) and is billed annually;
The Bottom Line

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an ideal method to keep you safe from cyber attacks and to enjoy a private and secure Internet usage.

There are many VPN service providers out there but the 3 best VPN options for personal use presented in this article are both cost-effective and competitive in this increasing market.