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Ripple May Not Be Happy About an XRP ICO


It looks like there is a window of opportunity out there for coders to launch crypto token through Ripple’s XRP Ledger and it is only a matter of time until that happens. Generally speaking, XRP Ledger is already trying to distance itself from the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, it is not widely known that it can be used as a platform. However, one company from Brazil, Allvor, is determined to stream digital payments and it is looking to branch out and see Ledger as their next big step.

Why do they want to do this

They stated that they got interested in Ledger because it is primarily faster than other methods. A spokesperson from Ripple said that while their platform is open-source, they do not want to be associated or to even promote ICOs on their ledger.

Allvor’s plan

The company is aware than in order for it to expand and find a place for itself on the market then it needs a system that will allow it to do more than just handle transactions. What they are looking for is a system that will let them run merchant logistics, marketing statistics and even customer management. They want to launch their own token, ALV, and they need to first build a platform that will be able to support this token. And this is where Ledger comes in, the perfect solution that offers only benefits.

However, people warn that the cryptocurrency market is still trying to make its way into the banking field, by creating partnerships and allowing users to make transactions, convert tokens and spend them as well. This is a long process and it takes time, which is why most investors are afraid to risk it all and the owners are afraid to be the ones that make the big step and pave the road for others.