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Ripple (XRP) and Wall Street Rumors – What’s The Story?


Cryptocurrencies might become an important part of the economy in the future, and they already had an incredible evolution. Therefore, many entrepreneurs and businesses have become increasingly interested in them.

Ripple is one of the most promising ones, and the way things are looking now, there is a big chance that we might see a Ripple IPO in the future. Here are some of the reasons why we believe that this is likely.

There is a strong company behind Ripple

It is worth it to take a look at the parent company of Ripple. This project has an excellent leadership and a great team. Each director has important achievements, it becomes clear that they have set some big goals for Ripple as well.

Additionally, Ripple has many important partnerships, and each one is accelerating the evolution of Ripple. Therefore, it will be something normal for it to go public, and it should happen very soon.

Banks have become involved

Ripple is even used by banks nowadays, and there are many others that have begun testing the payment solutions offered by Ripple. The reasons why many services prefer Ripple, is because its payment solutions have numerous benefits, including low transaction fees, security and speed.

If take a look at the results, it seems that banks love Ripple so far. For example, the SBI Consortium of Asia has even decided to dub itself as SBI Ripple Asia, which is definitely an important move. The bank also intends to use Ripple’s ledger in securities project.

Rabobank is a Dutch Multinational bank and it is also trying out Ripple’s software solution. This bank is an important one and it is a leader in food and agriculture financing, as well as sustainability banking, at a global level.