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Ripple (XRP) Will Be The Digital Currency Of The Future


Ripple (XRP) is one of the crypto coins that offer unbeatable financial services, in terms of speed, tracking, and security and that’s why many consider Ripple (XRP) will be the digital currency of the future.

Isn’t this sounding familiar? Most probably, yes, since it has also been said about Bitcoin (BTC), too, after its emergence.

However, Bitcoin (BTC) failed in many ways to offer a viable payment system with no flaws. Even if it has emerged on the market in 2009, only a few years later it has been accepted by some retailers as a payment method.

Many other digital coins emerged after Bitcoin (BTC). But among them, Ripple (XRP) is a very interesting one.

Ripple (XRP) or the blockchain and cryptocurrency designed for banks

Ripple (XRP) is controlled by a legal US business owned by Brad Garlinghouse.

The Ripple company has emerged on the market wishing to change the traditional money transfer system to a faster and more secure system – RippleNet, an updated blockchain technology.

XRP, the Ripple’s own digital currency, is trading at the moment at $0.98 increasing by 4.63% in the last 24 hours.

RippleNet is a decentralized blockchain used by the Ripple’s unique services that work for the financial institutions to offer them almost instant transactions. On RippleNet, a cross-border transaction can be fulfilled in 3.5 seconds instead of 3-5 business days as it is happening now with the traditional payments systems such as SWIFT.

Ripple (XRP) will be used by the Saudi central bank, the largest Latin American bank – Itau Unibanco, Western Union (under test now), MoneyGram (under test now), InstaREM, Mercury FX, and many more.

The more deals will Ripple sign, the more stable and bigger the XRP will be.

In conclusion, Ripple (XRP) will be the digital currency of the future only if it will keep up the good work.