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Rise of The Tomb Raider Baba Yaga Temple of the Witch DLC


When the rise of the tomb raider was launched in November 2015 for Xbox one little did we know that this was just the beginning of the content that the game was going to receive.

The latest developments in the game have added an interesting turn of events to Lara’s story by introducing the legendary Baba Yaga in the storyline the game makers have resurrected some of our childhood fears and have given it a very adult and mature touch.

If you remember the bed time stories that you heard in your childhood then you will remember the Baba Yaga as an old Slavic witch who lived in a house deep within the forest; this house had chicken legs.

She would make lost travelers in the forest her pray by putting them in a trans like state. A couple of evil birds could fly with the victim and take him to her lair. She also wielded spells that could put victims in a trans and she could control the best in the jungle as well.

In case of Lara she has actually ventured into these forests because she wished to look for a lost man who had headed to the forest to take revenge of his wife’s death at the hands of Baba Yaga.

The man has not returned but her grand daughter Nadia is looking for him and Lara offers to help. The area where they look for him is called the wicked vale and Lara has to face hypnotized animals and lost travelers that are now the witch’s slaves under spell.

Of course Lara too faces hallucinations on her way to meet her adversary and much of the play time is absorbed in trying to distinguish between the real and the imaginary.

The graphics of the game are also clouded and creepy further adding to the super natural effect in the game.

This game has been developed by Christal Dynamics and has been classified under the action adventure category. It is available on Xbox one and Xbox 360 and it has been released in US on 26th January 2016.

Although the game presented players with wonderful puzzles and a good boss fight at the end, users who had played the game have expressed regret on how short the game was.