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Roblox Still Viewed As More Popular Than Fortnite, IGNORING One Major Factor

Credit: Unspalsh, @mateovrb

Roblox is perhaps the most popular online videogame on the globe, according to a team of academics. Roblox, which has an estimate of 190 million monthly users, has received a lot of attention online for an unusual cause.

Using search traffic data from 24 nations, Student Beans analysts have compiled a list of the biggest and most popular games. Fortnite; PUBG; League of Legends, & Roblox are among the most played video games in the globe, according to statistics compiled by Student Beans. As per the statistics, several of the Roblox queries happened for a bizarre reason, ranging from Canada; the United States; Brazil; plus Mexico to Australia, Italy; Ukraine; as well as Thailand.

There are a median of 246,000 queries for “is Roblox down?” every month since the platform goes offline so often. Student Beans also noticed a 1,000% surge in searches for “are Roblox hackers real?” recently, with Roblox attackers possibly being the cause of the ongoing outages via frequent assaults. 36,000 disruptions were recorded throughout the month of May only, with the largest occurring on May 4 as the game did go down 20,000 times in only 24 hours.

According to Student Beans’ study, the United Kingdom had 3,350,000 inquiries every month, Canada had a total of 2,240,000, and the United States had a total of 13,600,000. “Is Roblox likely to be erased in 2023?” was one of the most popular search terms for Roblox enthusiasts that Student Beans uncovered throughout its study, which increased by a whopping 255 percent. It seems like Roblox may have to move to a new engine or implement greater protection if the disruptions are in fact created by attackers.

However, Roblox Corporation may well be shocked to see how so numerous Roblox queries are connected to outages rather than other types of gaming-related information such as reviews & fan art. Roblox Corporation may even be cognizant of the game’s frequent interruptions, but it’s not apparent what the company plans to do about it.