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Rocket League By Psyonix Available For Xbox One In February 2016


According to the recent news across the internet Rocket League for the XboxOne will be given a mojor update and also see a release in February this year.

A product of Psyonix, Rocket League is a soccer video game that uses the principles of physics in order to shoot the ball around.

It is compatible with OS X, Linux and XboxOne. It can be played online and offline and is playable in single player and multiplayer modes.

The game was first launched on Windows computers and PlayStation4 and it is possible to have a cross platform play between these two operating systems.

After its initial launch on 7th July 2015 Rocket League developers at Psyonix had only been busy with producing the game content to be used on various platforms.

It seems as if the game might just have come out of production and may be in its final testing stages. Internet sources have claimed that a February release of this update is imminent.

Reports state that this game update will also borrow features from Microsoft’s own title, Sunset Overdrive. The addition of an over charged rocket boost has also been added. Fizzie Antenna is the third important feature that you can look out for.

All these new developments had been spoken of by the creative director of the game Marcus Smith. Some of these items bear resemblance to the third person shooter game, insomniac.

The game is expected to function really well especially because the updates have come after a long time and the developers have their best on it. Marcus Smith himself claims to be a big fan of Rocket League himself. He described the game as something that was quite easy to grasp but difficult to master.

He also said that the game was high action fun and users has spent hours trying to the cross the levels.

Action games like Rocket League require a person’s reflexes to be at their best. You night have to repeat a lot of levels only because you missed victory by the fraction of an inch but with constant trial and a little intellectual thinking you will be able to clear level successfully.