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Samsung Confirms Cancellation of Galaxy S7 Edge++ In UK Markets In Favor of Note 6


The Mobile World Congress program is just around the corner and more and more news is surfacing about various devices that might be showcased in this event.

If from the Apple side the iPhone 7 is being rumoured then from the Android side most rumors are coming in about Samsung Galaxy S7 and its brethren.

The Korean giant apparently has cancelled the Galaxy S7 Edge+. This has come as a shocking news to most of the people across the globe who had been looking forward to buy this device

The news about the cancellation of the Galaxy S7 Edge+ cannot be passed as authentic at the moment.

It is difficult to say whether the Korean giant has completely pulled out the device from the world market or whether its production and sales would be restricted to certain markets only. Apparently this was confirmed by an insider from the company.

Well, we would just be able to see a Galaxy S7 and a Galaxy S7 Edge+ by the first quarter of 2016 there’s also mention that the Note 6 will be available to consumers by the end of the year.

Samsung’s decision of removing this phone from the market has been pretty secretive. They did not confirm why they decided to take this phone out from the product range but it may be possible that the S6 Edge+ which was the predecessor of the handset in question apparently did not do well in the UK market.

This is because in the UK there are many fans of the Note series and when the note 5 was pulled out of the market and the S6 Edge+ was placed, the people were not very happy with it and as a result, many refrained from buying the S6 Edge+ Plus.

Certain sources are of the view that Samsung could just be taking its dealers’ feedback very seriously.

The news of the UK hatred against the S6 Edge+ plus apparently influenced the cancellation of S7 Edge+ from the UK market because the company now wants to provide the users with Note 6 in order to gain the appreciation back.

It is evident that Samsung is very particular about the users’ feedback and they have immense value for it. Accordingly they would like to shape the future decisions.

At the moment it is unclear whether Samsung will launch the Galaxy S7 Edge+ plus for other locations; we have to wait for the Mobile World Congress to know more.