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Samsung Establishes VR Unit in New York


CNET, in their latest report has revealed that, at this year’s Sundance festival, the appeared Samsung executives have said that the company is planning to open a “special” studio in New York.

The studio will have one task at hand and that is to create brand new virtual reality content. The mentioned studio will be located in one of the Samsung’s already existing office. By this move, it will be a lot easier for the company in order to create and promote virtual reality content in- house.

Sadly, Samsung has refused to comment any further on the matter and tease the consumers, the company has not uttered a single word about what kind of specific content is it working on in the newly built studio.

First and foremost, with the Gear VR headset of Samsung, we can definitely confirm that the company is working on something that will get along brilliantly with the headset.

It is still unclear as to if Samsung will be launching or optimizing its content compatible to other VR headsets or not.

This move by Samsung can be called following the footsteps of their direct rivals, Oculus VR. At the last year’s Sundance festival, Oculus announced that the company is creating its own production subsidiary which goes by the name, Oculus Story Studio.

For the last year’s Sundance festival, the studio launched a short of approximately five minutesunder the mane “Lost”. Since the short last year, the studio has been busy working on another animated short under the name “Henry”.

Henry will be launched as soon as the Oculus Rift headset arrives in the market in sometime around spring. One good deed has been done by the Oculus Story Studio, where they have revealed its Unreal Engine project and also the assets for the upcoming short, Henry.

This charitable deed has been done in order to give a few tips and suggestions to all the other VR content developers, about how they could be able to shape their work for this new medium.

In a blog post by the Oculus Story Studio, the subsidiary has stated that, “Our mission at the Oculus Story Studio is basically to ‘Inspire and Educate,’ and a core part of that is to share our projects with others as we go along.

We’re releasing this project so that you can learn from our work and be inspired to tell your own stories. VR storytelling is a lot of work, but it’s not impossible, and our basic objective is to demystify the process. Have a go at it,”

What are your thoughts on the upcoming VR technology? Comment below and let us know.

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