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Samsung Fixes Note 5 Flaw, Introduces Dual SIM variant


Samsung has been one of the biggest names in the world of consumer technology ever since their inception.

The company has been around for several years now, and has become a household name of late.

Samsung’s achievements include their work in the field of smart homes to smart phones, and the company has been the biggest benefactor of the Android revolution.

The company has been coming out with a large number of smartphones, and over the years ,they have released several devices differentiated on price point as well as on features.

Samsung has introduced two variants of their flagship devices – the Samsung Galaxy S series of phones, and the Samsung Galaxy Note series of devices, which are their leading phablets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was their latest release last year, but the device came with a major flaw – in the S Pen that comes with the device, the stylus.

If the users happened to put the stylus in the device in the reverse direction, it would get stuck and it will have major problems coming out.

Even if a user did manage to take it out, it would get damaged. In worse cases, it might damage the phone as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has now received a fix for this problem,  as Samsung has released their new batch of devices along with a white ‘switch’ will allows the device to eject easily in case it gets stuck. The switch can be seen below:

samsung galaxy note 5

Samsung has also started issuing a warning on their wrapping stating: “Be sure to insert your S Pen with the nip pointed inward.

Inserting the S Pen the wrong way can cause it to become stuck and can damage the pen and your phone.”

The company has, in other news, released a new edition of the Note 5 in some countries, where it brings in a dual SIM version of the device.

The Note 5 on its initial launch was released as a single SIM Device in many countries while it was released as a dual SIM device in some countries.

The company has also slashed the prices on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 by up to 40$ and the device now costs $710 in various regions.

Samsung continues to update its devices to help give users the perfect product experience.