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Samsung Galaxy A8 Oreo Update Will Come Soon


Samsung settled on a decent choice by putting the Galaxy A8 and the Galaxy A8 Plus to contend with their rivals at that value range. To be particular, there is not any more awesome rivalry other than the OnePlus 5/5T and the Honor View 10. The Galaxy A8 brothers have everything when it comes to specs and looks. In any case, things got rested a bit in view of the absence of a decent software touch.

They ruined it with Nougat

Samsung enhanced their Galaxy devices’ product encounter by improving the Samsung Experience. When it comes to the Galaxy A8 and the Galaxy A8+, they only sort of demolished it by running with Nougat 7.1.1 as opposed to settling on the Android Oreo operating system.

Very fascinating, would you say it isn’t? Indeed, even after 5 months from the launch of Oreo, Samsung didn’t furnish their fight machines with the correct software to get into the competition. We realized that they were doing the big uncover with the release of Galaxy S9, however, they ought to have given the Galaxy A8/A8+ proprietors an OTA to assuage them too.

So no Oreo yet?

After the release of Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S9, clients are left to run with either the Galaxy A8 or the Galaxy A8+, and these two don’t have Oreo yet. They should get the updates in the meantime as a part, yet, they didn’t.

The news is flying around that the Galaxy A8 and the A8+ will be, as far as anyone knows, updated to Android Oreo 8.0 formally through the OTA in the Q3 of 2018. We guess it’s alright, yet, in the meantime, it sort of makes it obsolete. It’s almost like they’re updating the gadget to Oreo a year after Oreo has been released and has been running on most of the gadgets.