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Samsung Galaxy A9 Sees A Quiet Release At A Chinese Party – Availability Restricted To China Only


The Samsung Galaxy A9 has been awaited for a long time now.

It has been released at a part in China on Wednesday and will be available to the Chinese only from the following month. It is unclear as to when other places will receive the phone for sale.

Slim and elegant are two words that can be used to describe the Samsung Galaxy A9.

The device is one of the most powerful in the A series till date, and has come quite close to the Samsung Galaxy S series’ big boys.

The casing is glass and metal and it is super slim, which is an impressive 0.29 inches thin design.

As per the previous rumors about this device, some of them have proved to be correct. To start with, the rumors pointing at the possibility of the device having a 6 inch screen have proved to be correct.

The Samsung Galaxy A9 has a 6 inches screen. This is laced with a 1080P resolution and is a super AMOLED display as always used by Samsung.

There has only been a slight growth in the screen size since the A8 which measured about 5.7 inches, but the response is expected to be great because not many Android phones in the market are that size now.

However, the screen size is not the only factor that would matter to many users – some have expressed discontent over the large size, that makes it tough to handle with one hand, especially for those with smaller hands.

An important fact that can be noted, however, is that the company has not compromised the battery with the screen size.

4,000mAh is a perfect choice for a screen this large and it is expected that the phone would last above a day with mixed usage.

Perhaps if it is connected to the internet the whole day the backup would be a little less than a day but it is expected to be better than most  smartphones.

Under the bonnet, we can see the phone equipped with a Snapdragon 652 processor.

It is coupled with a 3GB RAM for better performance and 32GB of on board memory can be expanded by 128 GB vis SD card.

The sad part is that the phone comes with an Android Lollipop 5.1.1; users had expected at least Android Marshmallow on the same.

It comes with a fingerprint sensor and Samsung pay can be accessed through the phone.