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Samsung Galaxy J4, J6 and Galaxy J8 – 2018’s Lineup is now Available


It looks like Samsung cannot catch a break no matter how hard the South Korean company seems to be trying! A few months ago, Samsung enthusiasts had the pleasure of seeing the leaked Oreo Beta build for the Note 8 and that also came with a list of coded names. Some of the codes were linked to a couple of smartphones but the majority of them were not. Fans all over the world, rejoice! With the newest leak now we finally have more information.

What have we learned from the leak

The list gave us a couple of new things to think about, such as the fact that the codenames “star2” and “star” were attributed to the Galaxy S9+ and the Galaxy S9. We know that the South Korean company is going to release a number of new devices, the Galaxy J4, J6, and J8. So far we only know that the J8 is going to be a high-end phone device but nothing more.

What else was on this list

We are going to start with the codenames that have yet to be attributed to any upcoming phones. They are “gtaxlad”, “j3topelte”, “j7topelte, “j7toplte” and the “lugelte”. The Galaxy A8 and the A8+ were named the “jackpotqlte” and “jackpot2qlte” while the Galaxy J8 was named “j8lte”. For the Galaxy J4 and J6 we have the codenames “j4lte” and “j6lte”. The J3 Neo was named “j3neolte” while the J2 2018 was named “j2y18lte”.

When it comes to Samsung tablets we also have a number of codenames for them. For example, the Tab E 2018 is named “gtesy18lte”, the Tab S4 is “gts4llte” while the Tab A 10.1 2018 is named “gta2xl”.

Yes, all these codenames are confusing but now that we know what most of them mean we also have an idea of what Samsung is going to push out on the market.