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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Gets An S Pen Fix And A Dual Sim Version Launch


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was released back in 2015 with features that were hard to come by. It was relatively better than its predecessors, although lacked an external memory expansion and had a less powerful battery.

But these issues only seemed puny in front of the advantages that one would get if he owned a Note 5.

Perhaps the most notable features of the note 5 lie within the S pen, the fingerprint sensor and its gesture recognition abilities.

The premium glass metal chassis includes a fingerprint locking system that the range had been awaiting for long but somehow failed to show up any earlier.

It also serves as the key to Samsung Pay, that the Korean giant is looking to popularize around the world. Simply swiping the palm across the screen generally causes the screen to be locked and raising the hand in front of the camera will enable a selfie to be clicked.

Samsung Note devices have often had troubles with their styluses, but the Note 5 has apparently got a fix for this problem.

All note 5 devices had troubles with the S pen gate, that used to be problematic if the pen was not properly inserted, as the pen would not be docked correctly.

Most of the time, the stylus would get stuck in the dock and would not budge. When pulled out forcefully, the gate would not function properly any longer.

It caused users to get back strongly to Samsung, who was quick to respond to the users complaints by saying that the user manual must be referred to at all times.

The problem occurred when users pointed out a design issues with the S pen. The device looked same from both ends, causing users to get confused.

Moreover, the manual that Samsung advised users to read had no reference to problems that might occur if the stylus was not inserted properly.

It immediately worked on the problem and came up with a solution. The problem has been fixed with the addition of a within the slot that would automatically push the pen out if not correctly inserted.

Interestingly, the cap seems to be in place merely with the use of adhesive tape on the motherboard.

Although it does not seem to be too strong, it is probably something we have never really considered before. Reports claim that it would be a strong method of securing the switch.