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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosive batteries


Samsung is currently recalling their recently released Note 7 due to some issues with the batteries. There have been several reports both in the US and in South Korea showing that phones were catching fire either when they were charging or right after.

The company, based in South Korea, declared that the customers who have already purchased the phone will now be able to exchange it for a new device. This issue surfaces just one week before the much awaited presentation of the newest iPhone model made by the rival company Apple.

The president of Samsung company, Koh Dong-jin, declared that indeed they received various reports about the battery in Note 7 exploding. Experts have confirmed that the battery cell was the issue here. Moreover, the developers said that it will take around two weeks for them to produce devices that will replace the faulty ones. According to official information, the device had its launch in 10 different countries and the batteries also had various suppliers.

However, it is interesting to notice how Samsung is very careful with their customer satisfaction levels and it is making changes and producing new devices for a relatively small number of cases that have been reported, which is 35 in the entire world.

Even so, the timing is really unfavorable for the Korean company, since this incident appears so soon after the official launch and so near to the big launch prepared by the rival Apple with their new iPhone model. Perhaps this is why they are taking every report so seriously and they try to make sure everything is fine from now on. This would explain why they took such a radical decision and halted their sales until they make sure the devices are safe for use. However, this is not the first time such cases are reported, since lithium-ion batteries are known to be very flammable, while still being largely used.


  1. Yep, in an extremely competitive market this is huge. It will hard to gauge the true impact; as how many people will not bother purchasing a samsung phone (Not just the N7)? In the android space there many options. I see Huawie in particular benefiting from this.

  2. Their competitors are going to be all over this, trying to associate Samsung phones with potentially dangerous build defects.

    Good on them for responding quickly, though.

  3. They should be careful, other brands have had battery issues as well if I recall correct

  4. If we are talking about smartphones, those were all isolated incidents, and that happened only when people used unauthorized third party chargers or cables.
    Otherwise, there was a problem with Sony batteries used in laptops almost a decade ago. It effected every major laptop maker since those batteries were being used by the whole industry. Rightfully, it was only Sony who got the blame.

  5. I expect when it washes out, the margins will be be hit hard as they’ll have to discount the phone to retailers to allow them the flex to get them sold to customers via price reductions (or similar).

  6. Another big embarrassment is that the actual phone sales have had to be disclosed – 2.5m in two weeks. Not a huge figure for an opening week for a flagship.

    Ordinarily Samsung would be boasting the sold to retail numbers (a much higher figure), so this is another unwelcome outcome.

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