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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Be Available In These 8 Color Variations


Many thought the Galaxy Note series doomed after the Note 7 fiasco. However, Samsung wasn’t so quick to give up on one of its top earners. As a result, we are getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The device might be a colossal disappointment or a revolutionary and pleasing reveal. While we can’t be certain which of those will come to pass, we do know that Samsung has prepared quite a treat for those that are all about the eye candy.

There will be no doubt a lot of customization options available for the Note 8, but they all start with the smartphones’ own color. You now get to pick from an extensive list of available shades, making it one of the most colorful releases we’ve seen in the past years.

No less than 8 colors will make up the palette from which users will choose their first customization option, so let’s see what those colors are.

  • Midnight Black
  • Arctic Silver
  • Orchid Violet
  • Coral Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Deep Sea Blue
  • Gold
  • Pink

As you can see, there’s a lot of variation in place. A lot of things are going on in this selection, as the color options range from dark and somber colors to very bright and screaming ones. As usual with modern smartphones, each color comes accompanied by a specific tint flavor emphasize like Arctic or Midnight.

The information has been found out through a leak that featured all these different colors in a diagram. The picture shows the back panel of all 8 variations, alongside a small description underneath each of them. The description contains the aforementioned color names and gives the user an idea of what to expect when the Note 8 hits the shelves.

The release

Speaking of hitting the shelves, many people might be interested when Samsung’s latest phablet will actually be released. The smartphone will allegedly be unveiled on the 23th of August, which means that there is still some time left but not that much. Those excited about the newest addition to the Galaxy Note family can surely make use of all these awesome color options as they can be used to evidence one’s own personality.

All about the color

There is also a rumor that bolsters the idea of Samsung wanting users to fully take advantage of these colors. According to some sources, some regions will receive a free, transparent case with their Galaxy Note 8 purchase. The transparent case will be inside the box when you buy the phone and will allow you to protect your device without having to sacrifice its looks.

Your new beautiful tint will be fully visible through the transparent protection layer and this will allow you to rock your Note 8 in style.