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Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime vs. Honor 9 Lite – What Should We Get Next?


A pair of mid-range smartphones have been released by Samsung and Honor. If you are looking to spend somewhere between Rs 11,000 (~$170) and Rs 15,000 (~$230) on a smartphone, then one of these is definitely the right device for you.

Honor 9 Lite is basically a more advanced Honor 9i. It is not clear yet if it is meant to replace the Honor 7X, since that launched with pretty much the same price.

The Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime succedes 2017’s Galaxy On7 Pro and it can be considered a worthy competitor for the Honor 9 Lite. Though both have alike prices, they have different hardware and thus features and performance too.



Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime has a brushed aluminum unibody design, but it is still built on the old trusty “Samsung” design.

While making sure to keep up the thin-bezel fashion, Honor 9 Lite has a mostly minimalistic design; there are very few elements although they do catch our eyes. The back is made of glass, which is pretty but also very fragile – it can easily get scratched or damaged.


The Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime comes with a 13MP single rear and front-facing camera. Both have a f/1.9 aperture, however only the main camera has autofocus.

Honor 9 Lite is better when it comes to photography. It features a quad-camera setup: 13MP+2MP dual sensors on both the front and the read of the device. Due to this, it also knows how to do “bokeh” pictures with both cameras, where the background of the photo is blurred in order to make the subject stand out.

The rear camera can also make use of the incorportated LED flash and it supports PDAF.

AI Features – Shopping Or Photos?

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime has two apps that are aimed towards customers who like to go shopping – Samsung Mall and Samsung Mini Pay. The Samsung Mall app offers plenty of features:

  • Visual Search: select any image from the Gallery and search multiple shopping sites for the product;
  • All-in-One Shopping: shop across multiple online retailers through a unique interface;
  • Universal Cart: add products from multiple online retailers to a unique cart for review and finally purchase.

Honor 9 Lite can brag with its AI-based features, which shine the most when it comes to taking photos. Said AI uses an upgraded “beauty algorithm”, which recognises and enhances facial features, all based on gender beauty mode and Portrait mode 2.0.

The AI also optimizes system caching and defragments the storage more effectively, and thanks to that the device won’t slow down over time.

Pricing & Availability

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime has a price tag of Rs 12,990 (3GB/32GB) or Rs 14,990 (4GB/64GB). You can buy it off Amazon India by clicking here!

Honor 9 Lite will take Rs 10,999 (3GB/32GB) or Rs 14,999 (4GB/64GB). It can be found over on Amazon India if you click right here!

That’s about it with these two mid-level smartphones; we hope we’ve helped you make a decision on which one you should buy – tell us in the comments down below! And as always, stay tuned for more information on smartphone devices!