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Samsung Galaxy S6 For 25% To 45% Off On Amazon


For a limited time only you can avsil heavy discounts on samsung’s flagship.

Samsung users would be rather glad to know that the Korean giant has launched a special offer for its loyal users, only for a limited time frame.

You must be eager to know more about it, which is understandable because of the high quality fevices you habe been using all these days.

Samsung users will now be able to get the Samdung Galaxy S6 for a heavily discountef rate.

This device, which originally costs about 599.99 will be available to the users for just $449,which is alost a 25% discount amounting to $150.

It would be icing on the cake if we told you that the phone would be in an unlocked version.

However, the phones are only limited edition and the inventory thst will be available would be rather low.

An offer like this is generally rolled out online. Hence, there is no physical store to cater to the sales; the phone would have to be purchased from Amazon.com.

You would need to hold your horses, though.

The unlocked versions of this phone can only work with an active T-Mobile connection, which means that the users on Sprint, Verizon or AT&T would need to switch over if the urge to buy the Phone is too great.

Now connect what you just read to the recent beta release of the Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 for the Samsung made for the Galaxy S6 users with uunlockedphones.

They were required to volunteer for the program so Android Marshmallowcoukd be testef on that environment.

Could this move of rolling out more unlocked phones through an online service mean that Samsung was serious about releasing the Marshmallow updste for its recent flagships?

To continue with the offer, you should know that the phone’s Platinum Gold version is now available on a 45% discount, again from Amazon. Com.

The phone is originally available at a price of 899 dollars but after discount you can get it for 490 dollars only. Again, you cannot refuse theoffer.

The phone is beautiful and it is something that you are never going to get for so cheap again.

As of now, the world is focused on the Samsung Galaxy 7.