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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Leaked Photos Look Rather Authentic


04Samsung Galaxy S6 marked the launch of a phase in the Galaxy S series of Samsung devices that changed the way we look at this range.

With the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge it is only very obvious for sales to shoot up and hopefully the same fate as the S5 will not be faced.

As we keep going closer to the events with this device’s would be launched, we are facing more and more in leaks over the Internet which are becoming even clearer as the days pass.

It seems to have become fashion for the devices to be list leaked over the Internet before we can finally see them.

Perhaps the greatest number of lakes comes from Chinese websites understandably so since most of the biggest manufacturers have set up their manufacturing units here.

Assembly has been shown yet again for the Galaxy S7 and a 7 edge, this time not only in a Chinese website but also on a Vietnamese website as well.

Chinese website section we have the leading site Weibo and Vietnamese site the same is termed as Review Dao.

The pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and a 7 edge, on Vietnamese website mentioned above,showed that there wasn’t much difference between the S6 edge and the S7 edge phones.

The only remarkable difference in terms of design came with the abandoning of the raised camera at the back. Well, camera still exist but it is not raised form like before.

The images also detect that the screen of the S7 in the leak has the indication of how much it has scored in the benchmark test.

It is expected that the Snapdragon 820 manufactured by Qualcomm, which is in today’s date the most advanced processor available, will make the device extremely fast.

They will also be another version of the same handset which one function on Samsung Radeon Exynos 8890 processor. The phone is going to be able to support the MicroSD card and it is a must buy.

Sources have also confirmed that the phone would be able to charge it Self very fast, and this device is going to be revealed in Samsung unpacked event which will be held on 21st February Sunday.