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Samsung Galaxy S7 Coming Out On 21st Feb – Know The Details


One of the smartest business units in the markets of Smartphone technology, Samsung has been a company which has been the biggest benefactor of the Android revolution.

The company has been coming out with a large number of devices, almost carpet-bombing the markets with their releases. Samsung is now working on the lines of releasing their gen-next flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S7.

According to the latest teasers that they have been launching, it now looks like Samsung is willing to come out with the device on the 21st of February, during their Galaxy Unpacked event, which will be held in Barcelona.

The S7 is expected to feature many new and improved features, a list of which is below:

  1. Pressure Sensitive Screen

The users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 are expected to enjoy the benefits of a ‘pressure sensitive screen’, which is expected to help Samsung combat the competition it faces from the current generation of iPhones.

This update is being reported by the Wall Street Journal, and is expected to be announced at the event itself. This is Samsung’s answer to the 3D touch feature of iPhone 6S.

  1. Vivid Photos

Another move to combat the competition that the company has been facing from their chief rivals in Apple, the company is now expected to come out with vivid photos, which are basically Samsung’s response to the Live Images that apple has released with the latest iOS update and are supported by the new generation of iPhones.

According to unnamed Samsung engineers, these images will not carry the audio support.

  1. Variants

The phone is expected to release in three variants based on size and design, while each of these three will have two variants based on processors. The three size based variants are the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge Plus.

The S7 Edge is expected to be larger as well as will be featuring an edged display, the Edge+ on the other hand, will be even larger, and will feature double-edged displays.

The company is expected to feature each of these devices in two variants, one featuring the much awaited Snapdragon 820, while the other variant will be Samsung’s own Exynos 8890.

More details are expected to be released as the Galaxy unpacked event draws nearer.