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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Facing Problems with Touch Sensitivity on The “Edge”


Samsung has been a company which has been in the markets of technology for quite a long time, and the company has been an apex name when it comes to the world of consumer technology. From television sets to refrigerators to microwave ovens, Samsung has been a name omnipresent across the spectrum of tech devices.

The company over the last few years has been known for their mobile phones too, as Samsung jumped into the world of smartphone devices at the very early stages of the Android revolution, and has been one of the biggest benefactors of the same, gaining a global market majority.

The company has been working hard on their mobile phone ventures and has recently come out with their latest flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S7, and its variant, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung had brought out a major innovation in the markets when they introduced their last year’s S6 device with an edged display, and they have carried it forward with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a unique phone, however, there have been some issues which have been reported with the device early on as it launched into the markets.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has been under scrutiny as the ‘edge’ of the device has not been responding well to touch as it has been quite oversensitive. Users have been complaining that even when they grip the phone casually, their device is acting as if they are touching the edged display and actions are automatically taking place over the same.

The only resolution at the moment has been that of holding the device with a lighter grip. Many users have contacted Samsung over the same, and while the company has not commented on the matter at the moment, it is expected that they are working on the fix. However, what is really curious here is that this problem has been seen only in the non-US devices.

As of now there have been absolutely no cases from the US reporting this issue while many European users have complained of the same.

In the past this problem has not been reported with the S6 edge devices, and it looks like this is some sort of a glitch which could be fixed with a software update. Samsung is expected to release an OTA update for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users soon which will fix the touch problem.