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Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date, Speculated Features


One of the biggest names in the markets of technology, Samsung has been a name which has become the top player, especially when it comes to Smartphone and android technology.

Samsung has been a busy company off late, as the South Korean giant prepares to launch their latest flagship devices – the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung is all set to change the market dynamics with the release of the S7, and there have been several market rumours and speculations that surround the release of this device.

Here’s a round-up of the popular rumours that surround the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7 –

  1. Pressure Sensitive Screen

The phone is all set to come out with a ‘pressure sensitive screen’, which basically helps empower the users to do much more with the screen than ever before.

This is basically the same thing as what apple had done with the release of the 3D touch feature. This feature for the Samsung Galaxy S7 is being reported by the Wall Street Journal.

  1. Vivid Pictures

Samsung is also expected to launch their upcoming device with a new technology to combat what Apple has done with the ‘live photos’. This will be called ‘vivid pictures’, and the company is reported to bring out the technology which would be quite similar to what Apple has to offer, but will not be featuring sound.

  1. Waterproofing

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is also being said to be a waterproof device, which will come with the IP 67 certification. This feature was a part of the Samsung Galaxy S5, but was surprisingly absent from the S6.

  1. MicroSD card Support

Another feature that was a part of the previous offerings from the S series devices, but has been absent from the S6, Samsung is all set to bring back the MicroSD card support for their upcoming flagship device. This has been one of the most popular user-demanded features.

Release Details

While there have been various conflicting reports regarding the launch of the devices, the latest information that we have on the same suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge would release first, and the S6 Edge Plus is expected to follow later.

However, conflicting reports have also indicated in the past that Samsung intends to release all three variants together.

Interestingly, all reports have claimed that the launch will happen a few days before the Mobile World Congress event, on the 20th of February, when Samsung will hold the Galaxy Unpacked event.