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Samsung Galaxy S7 Revealed By Indian Website, Zauba


The Samsung Galaxy S7 has long been rumored and discussed but so far, not much has been spoken of by a source that we can actually consider reliable.

Not to demean any tech news source, but so far, whatever was known was not very authentic sounding.  We have yet another source that revealed a very interesting fact about the features of the upcoming iPhone.

This website that we are talking about is an Indian website called Zauba, that has made it evident that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be a big phone. Let us take a look at what has been spoken about by the device and how they are so sure that this could be the case.

First, let us know what type of site Zauba is. Zauba is not a site that will just post rumors. It is a site that happens to investigate into the type of shipments coming to the country.

According to Zauba, the M-G930R4, which might actually be the Galaxy S7 base model, and the SM-G935R4 considered to be the curved screen version of the phone might both be more than 5 inches in size.

The first model will be smaller and have a 5.1 inch screen while the second one would be bigger and have a screen size of at least 5.5 inches.

This was known because apparently, the shipments of these two phones had their sizes tagged on these consignments, just next to the mobile numbers.

All these devices have one thing in common – good quality screens with a QHD version are two things that are really going to make big difference in the market and can post a stiff competition to the other contemporary mobiles that boast this size and are currently on sale in this market.

Another important piece of information that the website has given us is the release date.

The phone is expected to be released on the 21st of February, after which, the mobile scene will have yet another important contender to becoming the best Flagship device of 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is rumored to be more powerful than its processor. It will be launched sometime this year and will have a lot of users under its wing.