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Samsung Galaxy S7 – The Savior of the Galaxy Series of Devices


Samsung has been a company which has been around the markets of technology for a long time. The company has been changing the trends of the markets and has been coming out with innovation after innovation in the recent years. Samsung’s Galaxy series of devices have become an iconic landmark in the world of Android technology.

Samsung was one of the first names to jump into the world of Android technology when it was new. The company has ever since been the top selling name across the planet and has been coming out with device after device which has helped them sell well. The company has done almost a carpet bombing on the market, releasing phones at every price-point and with every feature that a user can afford in a price-feature combination.

Samsung, over the past few years has come out with dual flagships – the S7 series of phones and the Note series of phablets. The latest in line of the Galaxy S series of devices has been the Samsung Galaxy S7 which was announced recently at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

Samsung Galaxy S7 comes out into the markets with many new and improved specs. However, it follows the Samsung Galaxy S6, which was a major failure in the markets. When the S6 did not work out so well, fingers were pointed at the company, that the Galaxy S series of devices were doomed for failure. The company fights back with the S7 which is indeed a class apart release.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 comes out with two major features which were missing in the Galaxy S6 – waterproofing, as well as microSD storage. While the Samsung Galaxy S5 had both of these features and was a relatively successful phone, the Samsung Galaxy S6 was released without the support of expansion of memory via MicroSD cards, and without waterproofing as well.

The users at large did not respond well to the product and it was considered a demotion from the S5. The Samsung Galaxy S6 had the edge-vantage, yet it didn’t click well with the users. The S7, however, comes with the edged appeal of the S6, and the amazing features of the S5. This makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 the perfect product for all the needs of a user.