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Samsung Galaxy S7 To Release In 4 Different Versions?


Samsung have definitely revolutionized the mobile phone experience with the very good series of their chain of the Samsung Galaxy. The South Korean company is the only smart phone manufacturing company which is near to the leaders of the consumer electronic market the Apple. The South Korean company which was founded 77 years ago has got a firm grip on the smart phone industry with its brilliant Galaxy series.

Samsung’s next series in the family of Galaxy is still months away from launching but there is certainly no shortage in the rumor department. In the latest rumor by the very reliant of the phone tipsters, Evan Blass has told that Samsung is looking to launch four variants of the Galaxy S7 sometime early next year.

Blass went on claiming he also knew the names of the four alleged variants of the Samsung Galaxy S7which are Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus.

The South Korean Company is said to be getting rid of the bump of the rear camera in their latest version of Galaxy S7. Samsung is also said to have the feature of USB Type – C port for the Galaxy S7 series in order for faster charging capabilities. Rumor has it that some variants of the Galaxy S7 series will have a retina scanner. Screenshot_8

A wall street journal further added that the South Korean Company’s latest Galaxy series will contain a pressure sensitive screen which has been seen in the latest mobile phones of the Apple, particularly the Apple iPhone 6s and the Apple iPhone 6s Plus. The wall street journal further went on to claim something which verified the phone tipster, Evan Blass’s claim that the Galaxy S7 will come out with an Edge Variant. In continuance to the earlier statement the wall street journal reports that the Samsung Galaxy S7 series will feature the microSD card support, which very notably was missing in the recent and earlier versions of the Samsung Galaxy series. Later on the point of design, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is tipped to be ‘largely similar’ to the earlier Samsung Galaxy series the Galaxy 6S.

In a completely different report which focused on the leaked images of the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy series states that the Galaxy S7 will come out with a significantly different design to the earlier Galaxy S6 series.

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