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Samsung Galaxy S7 To Release On 21st of February – Know the Details


Samsung Galaxy S7 is just 2 days away from the mega release we all have been waiting for.

The company has been coming out with a large number of ad campaigns, helping to push the devices and has been adding to the excitement of the eager fans.

The company has been coming out with a large number of devices in recent times, and has been coming out with updates after updates which have helped them gain the upper hand in the markets.

The company has been one of the first few names which jumped right into the middle of things back when the android revolution began a little less than a decade ago.

Samsung, since then has been on a carpet-bombing mode, and has been coming out with phone after phone which has helped shape up the world of technology as we know it to be.

The company has been releasing these phones at different price-points and has been coming out with phones that offer different features.

From the most basic to the extremely advanced, Samsung has always had a phone for everyone who has been looking for something.

The company has now been working on introducing as many changes as possible, and has been gaining major market share.

The company will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy S7 on the 21st of February, Sunday. The phones are expected to release in three variants, out of which two (the S7 and the S7 Edge) will be releasing together.

However, the third variant, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ is expected to release later, and will be restricted to only a few regions.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be releasing into the markets with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

The phone runs on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, and features a 5 inched screen which is expected to have a ‘pressure sensitive display’.

The phone is also expected to release in the S7 Edge variant, which will feature an edged display and a larger screen.

Both the devices will be coming out in two different variants which will feature the Snapdragon 820 and the Exynos 8890 processors.

Samsung’s gen-next devices have been expected to come out since quite a long time, and in recent leaks it has now been confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is also going to be waterproof.

The device is expected to be priced between $770 to $790 for the basic variant.