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Samsung Galaxy S7 Versions Comes in Different Sizes


According to a new rumor, the future flagship from Samsung will be available in two versions with different sizes.

A few days before the end of the year, we have some new rumors about Samsung Galaxy S7, the future top smartphone from the Korean company. Recently, I learned that it could be released in four different versions. Some may be equipped with Snapdragon 820 processor while others with the new Exynos 8890 created by Samsung. Now, however, the writers from Reuters are coming with some interesting new information about the variations of the new flagship.

The publication claims that Samsung Galaxy versions Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge would have 5.2 inch, respectively, 5.7 inches screens. Moreover, it appears that initially will be made no less than 3.3 million standard versions and versions only 1.6 million Edge, prepared towards a launch in February next year.

It seems that Samsung Galaxy S7 models equipped with Snapdragon 820 will be found only in the United States, with operators like Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular, and in China. On the other hand, everyone else will benefit from the international unlocked version with the Exynos 8890, a model that will be provided to all operators of GSM networks. The Samsung Galaxy S7 will only be available at CDMA network operators.

Moreover, Samsung would have turned to a company called Synaptics for support in implementing the ClearForce technology in the future top phone. This technology allows multiple scrolling speeds, modes to unlock the phone and new ways to interact with new types of games and more, depending on how much pressure is exerted on the screen.