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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6S – Battle for the better phone


Samsung has been a company which has been one of the most dominating names in the world of technology. The company has been coming out with update after update which has helped change the market scenario for the users of technology.

The company has been coming out with several innovations and updates which have helped change a lot of things in the way the markets of communication technology operate.

The company has recently released the Samsung Galaxy S7, and here’s a look at how the Samsung Galaxy S7 stands when compared to the predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S6, and against its primary competition – the iPhone 6S.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

While there are many changes which have been made to the Samsung Galaxy S7 when compared to the S6, the major change that highlights the core difference between the two devices comes from the fact that the S7 comes out into the markets with the two things that the S6 does not have.

  1. Waterproofing

Waterproofing has been one of the biggest elements which was missing from the Samsung Galaxy S6 but was a part of the S5. Samsung was quick to realize the mistake they had made by removing the waterproofing in the S6 and have brought back the feature with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

  1. Micro SD card support

Samsung Galaxy S7 also brings back another feature from the Samsung Galaxy S5 which was not a part of the Samsung Galaxy S6. MicroSD support! One of the biggest reasons of the S6’s failure in the market was criticism due to the absence of such basic features.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 did not do well in the markets, while the pre-orders have already been strong for the S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S

Samsung Galaxy S7 was earlier expected to be a device which would give a befitting reply to the iPhone 6s and 6s plus. There were rumors and speculations which indicated the company is working on a pressure sensitive display, which is much similar to the 3D Touch feature.

Apple’s Live Photos, too were expected to be repackaged by Samsung as ‘Vivid Photos’. However, none of that came out to be true, and while the Samsung Galaxy S7 is indeed a sturdy product, the iPhone comparisons have no points of parity.


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