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Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a 3D screen – Following in Apple’s Footsteps


Obviously, it will not be called 3D touch, but something similar, currently the Wall Street Journal believes that Galaxy S7will have a pressure-sensitive screen with a fast battery charging port.

Nine months have passed since Samsung launched the Galaxy S6, so we are not surprised that the new phone from the Galaxy series Samsung is already in the workshops. Despite the fact that there is some time left before the South Korean giant will reveal what the upcoming Galaxy S7 is made of, the first indications that attract the attention on the next device are beginning to appear in the media already.

As mentioned in previous articles, it seems that future Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a design similar to the Galaxy S6 and the new generation of Galaxy will come to Europe only with the Exynos 8890 chipset, because the Snapdragon 820 version is available for sale only in America. The two models will be called Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

However, recently the Wall Street Journal received the information that the new Galaxy will come with a 3D touch screen style responsive to finger pressure, like the feature on the iPhone 6. In addition, one of the two phones will come with a retinal scan, but it is unclear which of them will be. The 3D touch on iPhone enables users to access on more features by pressing harder on the same button, without having to take your hands off the screen.

Also, the age of cameras that come in the form of bumps on the back of the case is over. The new camera will be better than the S6’s with better visibility in the dark and, obviously, will be fully integrated into the body.

In addition, the device will enjoy a type-C USB charging port that can charge your phone completely within 30 minutes.

It is possible that the new Samsung will appear sometime in February at the Mobile World Congress. It’s very important this time for Samsung to assess more accurately the market demand for the next Galaxy phone. Considering that at this moment the company has big problems with the mobile department, they can no longer afford to lose any further due to a wrong assessment of the market.