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Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Update Available With New Features


The 2017 popular smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S8, just received a new series of features that are meant to improve user’s experience. One of the rumors states that the Daydream feature was enabled on these phones. Daydream is responsible for receiving notifications in real time during the time the phone is charging. In other words, the phone’s screen will no longer be permanently black, but it will show the most recent notifications. However, it was reported that this new feature is not compatible with the phones just yet.

Other new features that were included in the updated version of the S8 are a new set of colors for the phone’s navigation bar and a dot in the bottom left corner of the screen that can make the navigation bar disappear whenever the users wish to. However, this choice should be made wisely because if the navigation bar will be the same color as the background, it will become difficult for the user to change one of them, not to mention the unpleasant discrepancy if the two choices of colors are total opposites.

Another update that has the potential to please a lot of young users is the addition of GIFs when making phone calls. This is meant to encourage a more interactive communication between people and also make matters more dynamic. These updates’ main purpose is to offer a great number of possibilities for the future user, as well as customized features to suit their needs.

These updates are ready to be installed on the Samsung S8 and S8+  this month, July 2017, so most of the phones already have the feature running.  However, if the phone user did not receive the notification with the latest update yet, it is best recommended that they check their software settings.