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Samsung Galaxy S8: How To Arrange Home Screen Icons

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus
Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

The entire world is talking about Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone flagship and its innovative edge-to-edge display. Only a couple of days have passed since the smartphone was released and people are starting to spot hidden features such as the ability to rearrange home screen icons through a simple tap. All of this can be done through the use of Samsung’s own Android launcher which supports the rearrange feature.

Rearrange Home Icons

Samsung Galaxy S8 owners can rearrange their home icons by long pressing on any empty space that can be found on the device’s display. The Android launcher will automatically place the apps on either top or the bottom side of the screen. This might not be some groundbreaking feature but it’s quite nice to have since users are allowed to arrange their icons in order to fit their needs the most.

Galaxy S8

The smartphone is selling faster than hot bread because Samsung official retailers have been flooded with pre-orders. The South Korean tech giant is definitely going to redeem itself for last year’s Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and generate huge amounts of profits at the same time.

The reason why Galaxy S8 is selling so fast is because it has been packed with impressive hardware specs and cool features. We should also mention that Galaxy S8 now comes with its own personal assistant that’s been named Bixby and it offers the same features like Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant. Nonetheless, right now we’re going to take a closer look at what Galaxy S8 brings to the table in terms of hardware power.

Hardware Specs

The smartphone can be acquired in two different variants that are powered by Qualcomm’s octa-core Snapdragon 835 or Samsung’s own Exynos octa-core 8895 chipsets. Qualcomm’s processor has been clocked at 2.35GHz while Samsung processor clocks at 2.3GHz.

If the chipset doesn’t sound powerful enough, readers should know that Samsung has paired it with an Adreno 540 graphics processing unit and 4GB of RAM. When it comes to storage space, Galaxy S8 offers 64GB of on-board storage space which can be expanded up to 256GB via microSD.