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Samsung Galaxy S8 includes Smart Glow Feature and LED Improvements


SamMobile recently posted about a new feature that may be implemented into the future Samsung Galaxy S8 and that feature is Smart Glow. What the Smart Glow will do is that it will replace the LED notification light, but it will also do many other interesting things.

In order to better understand this feature, think about this. Users can assign certain colors to top contacts on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. When one of those contacts makes a call to the user, the Edge Display lights up with the specific color assigned to that particular contact, and the user knows if that call is important or not.

In the case of the Smart Glow, the outer ring surrounding the camera will light up in that specific color for your various contacts, thus providing a more effective notification alert for incoming calls.

Apart from the call notification feature, Smart Glow will also provide notifications about the device. For example, if your smartphone has very little storage space left, it could display a red notification or if you want to know if the weather will be sunny today, it could show a yellow color in order to suggest that it will be sunny and pleasant that day.

Smart Glow could also be applied to S Health and it could shine specific colors that will notify the user if their heart rate is abnormal, for example.

SamMobile also said that Smart Glow will first be available with limited features on the Galaxy J2 in India and it will be fully available to Galaxy S8 models in 2017.

This means that we’ll get a glimpse of what the app can do to some degree and see if we actually like it, before we get to see its full capabilities, provided of course, that we buy the Galaxy J2 smartphone.

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