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Samsung Galaxy S8 To Ship With An Even More Powerful Processor


February is coming and all that means for tech savvy fans is that Mobile World Congress is getting close. The reason why this event has everyone riled up is because that’s where Samsung traditionally launches its highly anticipated flagships meaning that Galaxy S8 is coming. Fans have set the standard bar really high because the South Korean giant has to clear its name which was tainted in light of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

Samsung needs to gain its customer’s back trust once again and Galaxy S8’ launch gives the company the perfect opportunity to do just that. Also, Apple is rumored to completely redesign the iPhone lineup and Samsung has to unveil something equally impressive. What Samsung fans are expecting the most is not just design changes, but additional features. Today we’re going to go over all the rumored features Samsung might introduce in February.

Home Button

The company is set on increasing the display size and screen to body ratio by removing the classic physical home button. The main issue with this decision is the removal of the fingerprint sensor but Samsung has that covered because Galaxy S8 will reportedly ship with a fingerprint sensor that’s installed beneath the display. The removal of the home button is likely going to happen because a bunch of leaked photos which supposedly showed a Galaxy S8 prototype showcased that there’s no home button. Also worth mentioning is that those leaked pictures have yet to be proven official so this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Audio Jack

Apple started a whole trend last year when it removed the classic 3.5mm audio jack and a bunch of major tech companies followed into Apple’s footsteps. Now it looks like Samsung wants to remove the 3.5mm jack also and opt to install the latest USB Type-C port. This will provide users that own USB Type-C headphones with a higher audio quality than the 3.5mm audio jack was able to provide.

Hardware Performance

Samsung usually launches its flagship in two variants that use different processors. These processors are traditionally chipsets created by Exynos or Qualcomm and this time rumor has it that Galaxy S8 will be powered by the impressive Exynos 8895 processor and Mali-G71 GPU. The addition of these hardware parts will definitely improve the device’s hardware performance in comparison with its predecessor.