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Samsung Galaxy S9 Versus Apple iPhone X – Which One Is Faster?


The new Samsung Galaxy S9 proves to be much better than the Apple iPhone X in terms of overall performance, Samsung succeeding in creating a surprising smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 overcomes the Apple iPhone X in terms of performance and that because the Apple didn’t incorporate enough RAM into their flagship phone.

Apple iPhone X’s 3 GB RAM is the culprit

The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip backed-up by 6 GB RAM, while the iPhone X has a Bionic A11 chip with only 3 GB of RAM, and as it has been observed in the Geekbench test, the performance gap between them is closing to 50%, in the favor of the Samsung flagship.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a 30% difference in performance over the iPhone X in AnTuTu benchmark tests.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is handling multi-tasks better than Apple iPhone X

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is faster at reopening of the applications in the background than Apple iPhone X (most of the Android phones left the Apple phones behind on this).

Although the iPhone X is running nicely every App, when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S9, it once again shows its great problem – insufficient RAM memory to do more than keeping Facebook running and holding an open app in the background when it’s doing a lot of processing.

Slower boot for Samsung but better facial unlock

The Samsung Galaxy S9 starts slower than the iPhone X because of the boot-up screen animation but it performs the facial unlock much faster than the Apple phone.

The conclusion – Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. Apple iPhone X

The insufficient RAM problem is something that shouldn’t have happened with the very costly Apple iPhone X.

Theses last benchmark tests are the evidence that, sometimes, Apple is hurrying up. I can’t find another explanation because every noob knows that a good processor is useless without enough RAM to support it.

Generally speaking, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is faster than the  Apple iPhone X.