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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S Comes With The Best Features


The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S was highly discussed in tech blogs around the world before it was revealed in the CES 2016. The kind of response that the device was amazing.

This was not just because it was a Galaxy device; it was because  it was a Galaxy device working on Windows. Such an arrangement has never been seen before and users have always been used to seeing the Galaxy devices in Android.

This will be the first Samsung device to be launched on Windows10. Even before its launch it had been compared to the Microsoft Surface tablets especially to the Surface Pro. The device strongly resembles its Microsoft counter part because it has a foldable keyboard cover and a stylus input.

The device may cost more than 400 pounds and as per rumors will have a 12 inch display. The tablet price has still not been discussed so we would not be able to give you an exact idea of the same.

Apart from this users will also be able to have a Bluetooth Pen that is a separate accessory and the price of this also has not been revealed. Another thing which we have no concrete information is the exact launch date. The Korean giant had been able to disclose that it would be available from February around the world.

The display of the device and the external design shows that it would have an AMOLED screen. The external design would classify it as a hybrid because its keyboard is detachable. The screen size is about 12 inches and has a resolution of 2160×1440.

Apart from this the user who buy the Samsung Tab will be able to experience the powerful performance of Intel’s CoreM processor. The apt power is provided in accordance with 4GB RAM and either 128 or 256 GB of storage.

In terms of battery the company provide a 5200MAH battery to make the device last for at least 10.5 hours. Also it wouldn’t take too of time to recharge; full battery can be achieved within 2.5 hours.

It would come in WiFi only and in LTE version. It also provides support for Cat6 which many devices today do not support. Other sources include NFC, Bluetooth 4.1.