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Samsung Gear S3 Update Rolls Out Important Fixes and Features


It looks like the latest trend in the tech world is centered on smartwatches. Lately, all huge tech manufacturers have created their own wearable devices and recently Samsung joined that group as well. The South Korean based tech giant launched its Gear S3 series a couple of months ago and this line of wearable devices is the most successful one yet. The main reason behind this is that Samsung equipped the devices with only high end hardware pieces and accompanied them with a constant stream of software updates.

Owners of Samsung’s S3 series watches have reported that a new major update has just arrived. This software update has been designed with only one purpose in mind, to improve the overall user experience. Samsung also included a bunch of bug fixes and performance enhancements in this major patch. Right now, the update has arrived only to US residents and the rest of the world has to wait a little more. But we can be sure that the update it’s going to make its way to Europe and Asia during the upcoming weeks.

Gear S3 users should keep in mind the fact that in order to upgrade their software they need to access the Gear Manager app which is exclusive to smartphones. After opening up Gear Manager, users need to access the settings panel and select the “Update Gear Software” option. Now the update should appear automatically and the process can begin. Also, worth noting is that the update is relatively big so users are advised to connect their devices to a stable Wi-Fi network before starting the update process.

Additionally, it seems like Samsung is really paying close attention to Gear S3’s software because just last month  ago Samsung made them compatible with iOS devices. This is great news because Gear S3 runs on Tinzen operating system and they were compatible only with Android powered devices. Also, Samsung has made available two variants of the Gear S3. The frontier one which is designed for outdoor activities and has LTE connectivity and the Classic variant which sports a more elegant look and doesn’t support LTE.


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