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Samsung Gear S3 working with all Android Versions


Everybody knows that Samsung is looking to clear their name up after all the scandal their Galaxy Note 7 spurred with their exploding batteries. Because of the major hardware problems the Note 7 presented, Samsung has to make their next device be flawless to prove to the world that they are still a company that produces only top quality products.

Samsung recently released their Gear S3 on November 19th and one selling point of the smart watches was that they will be compatible with all Android devices, not only Samsung devices. This is true but there’s a catch, the smartphone must be running on Android 4.4 KitKat or better to be able to use the new Samsung Pay feature.

The extra connectivity option between the watch and other Android powered devices was installed for the sole reason of increasing their customer base. The Gear S3 is available in the Frontier and Classic model, and both are running on Samsung’s operating system Tizen.

The smartwatches are equipped with high-end technology and their specs are really impressive for a watch. The gadgets use a 380 mAh Li-Ion battery and have 768MB of RAM. The storage department is the most impressive of them all because it is equipped with 4GB of internal storage space. The difference between the Frontier and Classic model is that the Frontier one has LTE connectivity. The reason why Samsung equipped the Frontier model with LTE connectivity is because the watch is designed for people that like outdoors activities and in case you are stuck in a bad situation, the LTE connection might come quite handy. The Gear S3 also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a GPS that can be used to mark and track movement which should be very useful for people that like doing physical exercises like running, or to just help the user find his way back home.


  1. If the Note 7 announcement on August 2nd and the subsequent availability on August19th is anything to go from I would suspect that September 19th could be the day it actually ships. Such a move could steal some would be apple watch buyers away as I have seen friends that have been long time iPhone users now wanting to switch to the Note 7.

  2. Do we know if this could be a stand alone device? I don’t want a $400 accessory for my $400 phone.

  3. first of all i believe the watch will be $300 and if you get the frontier version it has LTE connectivity which allows you to take calls and message people without needing your phone at all

  4. Very nice smart watches can’t make me mind up witch one can let us know when available to purchase and prices regards simon

  5. Sir tell me the expected price of gear s3 frontier and when it will be available? ??

  6. Will it have the “exploding” feature found on the Note 7?

    Actually, I’d buy the Frontier if there was iOS compatibility.

  7. Knowing that Samsung are selling both the S2 & S3 (when released) What are the chances of Samsung doing a minor upgrade to the S2 model in the near future?

  8. Samsung announces Gear S3 Classic and Frontier Smartwatch with GPS, LTE and Samsung Pay

  9. Very nice spec sheet, what with GPS and LTE. But you lost me at “Tizen” and “IP68”. Pretty happy with my Mission for the time being. Going to the pool with it 3-4 times a week and also sitting in the sauna once or twice, on top of the usual sporty stuff (you know, gym, running, cycling). Nice piece of lower-case gear.

  10. Why is LTE and Samsung Pay not available in the UK. It renders this smart watch useless and pretty much like and of the Android Wear smart watches. Surely the killer features of any smart watch is NFC for quick payment and LTE for making and receiving phone calls or accessing the internet (without smart phone present or within 10m). I just don’t understand why Samsung would limit LTE/NFC to certain countries. Makes no sense! Perhaps someone on here can shed some light!

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