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Samsung Gear VR May be Displayed at the Unpacked Event


Samsung has recently started sending out press invites for their latest event which will termed as Unpacked.

This event is going to be held in Barcelona, Spain on February 21st. Apart from sending out press invites Samsung has also made huge developments in the way they market their events.

The company has lately created a teaser video which shows the main features in the event. Among the most expected features we are expecting the launch of the Galaxy S7 and announcement of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The former is being highly spoken about in all the tech sites around the world and bloggers are living no stones unturned in gauging what the features of the device could be like.

As much as we want the focus to be on mobiles, Samsung has taken it very seriously to compete in the upcoming category of devices that is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Its main competition would be against Facebook’s Oculus Rift and possibly the Microsoft’s HoloLens. For this it is going to focus on its top-notch VR product, the Samsung Gear VR.

The Unpacked event at the MWC would involve broadcasting their show in Virtual Reality which is similar to what HTC and One Plus had done back in 2015. But that is not all that is being expected of Samsung here.

People are also expecting some major moves in making the Gear VR an easily accessible product. In fact people have more expectations from the Gear VR not because it costs very less that is $99 only but because it can be used with any Samsung device that has been released recently.

Among these devices are the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy  S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note5. On the down side this limitation of handsets could prove to be disappointing for many users because everybody would like to use a Gear VR but not many would be able afford the expensive devices it works with.

Moreover for people who already have an important flagship like for example the Note4 or the Galaxy S5 buying another expensive phone just to be able to use the Gear VR might not be feasible at one point.