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Samsung Gear VR Reaches 1 Million Users – What’s Next?


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Samsung Gear VR has recently hit the 1 million users mark in a single month, at only six months after its release, according to Oculus.

The increase in Virtual Reality products sales is great news for the users as well, as different developers might engage in creating content for it. SuperData research has stated that the market for Virtual Reality could grow to $40 billion in profit by the year 2020.

Max Cohen – head of mobile for Oculus – said that this 1 million user mark is something to take very seriously and it proves to other companies that it makes economic sense to join in.

Oculus plans to continue improving their VR product and to actively encourage and motivate developers to create content for the Virtual reality platform.

Right now, Oculus users have access to approximately 250 games, apps and various VR experiences designed by different developers and Oculus’ goal is to motivate the latter to make new and innovative content.

Some of the recent new content was announced on Oculus Home and one represents a VR documentary called Nomads that follows the daily lives of nomadic people like the Mongolian Yak herders, the African Maasai people and the Bajau Nomads from the Borneo coast.

Other documentaries we can enjoy as a VR experience thanks to Oculus are Deadliest Catch which puts users onboard ships that sail the Bering Sea, ‘6×9’ which provides users with the horrifying reality of solitary confinement, Blindness: Into Darkness which features the life of a person that is slowly going blind.

Furthermore, the new content also includes games like Tactera – a strategy game that will be released later in May.

According to Oculus, 7 of the 10 most popular apps released were video related. Furthermore, in the last month, over 2 mil. hours of video-based content was viewed by users and as such, they are focusing primarily on developing and releasing VR video content. The VR games are a secondary goal.

Recently, Facebook has announced that its users will soon start to see 360 degree photospheres – which can be made by Samsung Gear 360 or by modifying panoramic photos with different software. The users will be able to explore the photosphere by touching the mobile screen or, in the case of PCs, by using a mouse. Also, they can be viewed in VR as well with Samsung Gear VR.