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Samsung Has The Technology To Charge Your Phone Truly Wirelessly

An attendee views the Samsung Electronics Co. Galaxy S8 smartphone displayed during the Samsung Unpacked product launch event in New York, U.S., on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. Samsung Electronics Co. packed the Galaxy S8 smartphone with a plethora of new features: taller, curved screens, encrypted facial recognition, deeper display colors, system-wide voice control and the ability to turn into a desktop computer. Photographer: Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg

Samsung is the first big smartphone producer to promote wireless charging. Even in 2018, after Apple entered this game, things are still not entirely wireless. You charge your phone on a charging pad that is connected to an electrical outlet and the two must touch. The South-Korean copany’s patent might change this soon.

Samsung’s got a patent

It is time for wireless charging technology to be actually… wireless. Nikola Tesla thought of a similar system, but it never got implemented. As it turns out, Samsung has a patent on this, from 2016 even! There is no estimate release date, however it is certain that this is the next step towards even more flexibility and innovation.

If you ever thought that phones did not advance much in the last decade, you would be right. Besides Apple’s Face ID technology, the fingerprint sensor within the screen and Samsung’s iris scanner, there haven’t been many innovations. Now, the race for the wireless charging technology is on!

The main idea

The Samsung device is, as presented in the patent blueprints, under the form of a panel, which is smaller than present-day wireless charger pads. Charging is done through adjusting this panel to face the right direction.

Thus, phone and other devices can be charged from a few inches distance. At the same time, Samsung is looking into a way to increase the charging range too. Walls would be covered with such electrical wireless emitter. Because at this time only the first tests are going on, a lot will surely change until the final design (if there will be one in the next 5 years, that is).

Taking two roads at the same time: Foldable Smartphone

At the same time, Samsung is trying to create the first foldable smartphone, too, which is not just two screens stuck together on a hinge. In the case of those technologies, both wireless charging and the foldable smartphone, the question is if there exists anyone who needs such a thing. Of course, for reliable distance wireless charging it is a definite yes, however if the charging time is too slow, then it won’t be of much help either.

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