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Samsung Pay Coming To Your Region In 2016 – How Do You Plan To Use It?


After Apple Pay became a sensation, Samsung rushed to get the technology for itself.

All the major handsets that Samsung is coming up with today has this feature.

The devices  launched in 2015 that you can get this feature on are Samsung Galaxy s6, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the most recent Galaxy A9, that saw a very quiet and simple release at a party in China last week.

All the handsets we spoke of above come with Fingerprint sensors. This is the most important feature that drives all the logic behind Samsung pay or any other mobile payment system.

Had this feature not been available, this payment platform would have been the most insecure of all.

The reason we say this is because, Samsung pay, like apple pay captures your card information and whenever you want to make a payment, you would only need to take the device near a terminal at a store that supports Samsung pay and your payment will go through.

However, there is an authorization for this as well and that is your fingerprint. Without your fingerprint this payment will not go through.

That being said, you already know now how secure the system is. This year, Samsung plans to expand the scope of services to other countries as well.

As per Thomas Ko, the global co-general manager of Samsung Pay, the company plans to unleash this feature to even the simpler models that will be released in future.

This is because he feels that the world is heading to a point where the mobile payments will become a world class standard and will be adopted by all.

To combat Apple pay, Samsung pay will not restrict the services of Samung’s mobile payments to the NFC enabled terminal.

Ko says that the Korean giant is working day in an out to develop a technology that will allow the payments to be transferred even through older and obsolete terminals, so that even the simplest of stores can use this system.

If this is to be true then there will be a time when physical cash would be forgotten and we would be doing mobile payments everywhere, even if we are buying balloons at a stand for our kids at the park.

Indeed the future is here and we are all ready to embrace it.