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Samsung Pay Leaks Regarding Its Availability On All Android Devices


The famous company, Samsung, has a new goal in mind. It is aiming to put into use its new paying service called Samsung Pay not only to Samsung Android phones but to the rest of the Android devices. It was stated that Samsung already took priority in talking about this matter with the original equipment manufacturers.

However, a certain level of reluctance was encountered, because the rest of the Android manufacturers will be required to install a new chip in their products in order to enable magnetic secure transmission.

This cautious approach from the rival Android companies is understandable since they use NFC technology for the Android Pay service, which is considerably different from the latest Samsung Pay service. NFC or Near Field Communication is considered a less secure technology compared to the MST that Samsung intends on using.

MST is based on a magnetic signal that is emitted in order to imitate the same principle a common payment card works. This MST method is regarded as more secure than the Near Field Communication technology most devices have at the moment.

Samsung Company evaluated the situation and reluctance of the other Android manufacturers and also took into consideration an accessory that is meant to reach a middle ground for every manufacturer involved. This accessory will enable the other NFC based phones to use the MST technology with no problem whatsoever.

Samsung is planning on releasing this new paying service by the middle of 2018. However, the company must take into account the popularity of rival Apple paying service which is anticipated to reach up to 86 million users in 2017, while Samsung Pay would only reach 34 million users by the time 2017 ends.

Failing to notice this significant gap between the two popular phone manufacturers will have a say in the development of future technologies.