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Samsung Planning To Launch Windows Tablet


Samsung May Launch Windows Tablet – Bears Resemblance To Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface range of tablets has set a benchmark for all manufacturers around the world.

Being one of the only brand that has by far redefined how we look at hybrids, it has been able to gather manyrivals as well, one of them being Samsung which reportedly is currently in the process of making a hybrid that looks a lot like the Microsoft Surface.

The leaks on this device were put forth by famous [email protected], who has been instrumental in bringing us the top clues from the insiders whenever a new device is expected to be sold.

The leakster, whose real name is Evan Blass, has stated that the device may surprisingly be called the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S. We say this is surprising because this name has always been used for Android devices only.

Seeing the Galaxy tag on a Windows tab seems a little strange, but if it is Samsung’s choice then we are glad to go by it, as Galaxy products are always the best when it comes to performance.

Well this great tablet appears to have inherited features heavily from its Microsoft competitor, the Microsoft Surface tab. Apparently, Samsung will equip this Windows device with a detachable keyboard and a stylus, elevating it to the position of a high powered tablet.

Although we would have loved to get a hint of what the specifications are going to be like, the leakster has not provided any, other than images from which you will have to judge a few aspects yourself.

And if the images published over the internet are really authentic, then you will be able to guess how thin the device really is. It is expected to have a front and a back camera, very much like the surface itself, but not much else is very clear now.

Evan Blass is also not clear if the device will be as powerful as the surface, or when the device will be actually released, but everyone seems pretty eager to get a glimpse of the device at the CES 2016, that will feature this brand at its keynote, that is expected to be starting at 5pm at Eastern Standard Time on 5th January 2016.

But Samsung  is not too tight lipped and might really not be talking about this device only because the tablet might really not be ready to be shared with the world.