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Samsung Presents Galaxy Gear 2 in the CES 2016


CES -2016, the largest consumer electronics show in the world has come up with some real good gadgets, some of them being the Parrot Disco, a gaming laptop that can track eye movement, Ili, the wearable translator StabiloDigipen.

The Cast by GENII which is a streaming hub that aims at letting you share content from paid services (like Netflix or HBO Go) with up to five of your friends.

This year in Las Vegas, Samsung has been able to come up with great devices as well.

We are going to focus on the Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2 today, which is a tech wearable, designed to support both Android and of late, the iOS platform as well.

Samsung Electric Industries was founded in 1969, Suwon, South Korea and even today remains as a giant producer of televisions, one of the biggest players in market of Android smart phones.

Smart watches arenot just watches featuring time but are computers, mobile phones, mediaplayers, cameras,and massive storage deviceson the wrist.

The smart watches are also supportive of wireless technologies like Bluetooth, WI-FI and GPS.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smart watch now works on iOS mobile operating system.

It has a 1.63 inch(4 cm)screen, that sports a resolution of 320 x 320, a camera  designed to capture low-res shots, the ability check emails and receiving text alerts and of course make hands-free calls.

Running on Tizen OS instead of Google’s Android software, Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is planning to move away from the reliance of the search giant’s product.

The Korean giant is also planning to demonstrate another new model, the lighter Gear 2 Neo in CES 2016.

Both contains heart rate sensor, a pedometer and various tools to measure stress levels.

It would be apt to label the smartwatch as a complete health care device. Battery life of these devices is considerably better, giving two to three days of power on charging once as compared to charging every night – a technology product instead of fashion accessory.

The watch is a perfect tool to keep a professional who is regularly on the move connected to his family and friends even when not physically present around them, making a workaholic actually attached to his dear and near ones.

Samsung is definitely ready to beat its rivals like Apple, Microsoft, Sony and Google this CES-2016.