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Samsung To Present Ultra HD Blu Ray Player With a Price Tag Of $399


The Samsung Ultra HD Blu Ray Player was first displayed at the IFA at Berlin last year, but since then there has been no news of its probable launch date.

The company might have kept the best in store to sell of this year and as the latest news has it, this product will go on sale this year sometime around the month of February.

The Blu Ray player that we are talking about is the much anticipated UBD-K8500.

Being the first 4k UHD Blu Ray player, it was quite well received by the audience when it was first displayed at the IFA, and has since then been expected by the people.

The device would be the best when it comes to playing discs that contain high quality videos.

As per Samsung, they intend to start sales around February 22nd, 2016. The device can  nevertheless be preordered on the Samsung website and Amazon.com.

This offer however, remains restricted to the United States customers only.

At the moment, users from other parts of the world will have to hold their horses before something else can be churned out.

For all the preorders that are accepted, the shipping would not be done before March 2016.

The price tag put on the device to be sold in the US is about $399, but how much it would set you back by if you are in another country, say UK or Australia, is still not very clear.

If you make a direct conversion of the rate specified in the US, then the price should approximately translate to £270 in Europe and about AU$550 in Australia.

The UBD-K8500 looks rather impressive. The exterior is slim, but it is nicely rounded at the corners, which looks like it is an accessory created especially for the Samsung Curved SUHD TV.

The 4K UHD resolution that is able to deliver brighter whites and deeper greys makes it even more attractive a device to own and keep around the house.

Brightness and contrast delivered is perfect and sharpness of images is also quite commendable.

The disc can play top quality discs and in the US, along with Fox productions, the Samsung is already in the process of many 2015 hollywood flicks being burned into UHD quality disks, so that users who the device will be able to enjoy some good movies.

4k streaming will also be possible, so users should grab hold of the device as soon as possible by preorder.