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Samsung Z2 Smartphones available with top specs



Samsung is now focusing its efforts on other markets and more recently it launched the Z series in Kenya in an attempt to draw low-end handset users towards its products.

The handset was officially announced this Thursday and it’s already available for sale through Safaricom. It specifically targets those consumers who want to shift from a feature phone in favor of a smartphone. The fact is that a large portion of the Kenyan population is still using feature phones and are unwilling to switch to better devices because their budget doesn’t allow them.

While Samsung does have several high-end and mid-range devices on the Kenyan market like the Galaxy A and J series, it hasn’t really tackled the low-end market up until now. And they’re not the only major smartphone manufacturers on the Kenyan market that have ignored these potential buyers. There is also Microsoft and Huawei.

According to Simon Kariithi, the business lead IT and mobile division for Samsung in East Africa, it’s very hard to penetrate said low end market in this particular country because the devices manufactured by the company are priced above the usual Sh 5,000 range.

As a result, the low end market in Kenya is dominated by devices made by Chinese manufacturers like Tecno and Infinix. According to various data, it appears that Sh 15.5 billion worth of Chinese phones were shipped in the past year to Kenya.

The Samsung Z2 also comes with a huge difference in terms of OS when compared to the high and mid-range devices and that is the fact the it runs Tizen instead of a version of Android which is usually the OS that can be found on Samsung handsets.

If you are interested in getting the Samsung Z2 you should know that it can be bought for Sh 5,999. It comes with a 4 inch display and it has 8GB of memory. It has a 5 MP camera and a VGA front camera. Furthermore, it is 4G enabled.


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  2. This samsung Z2 is realIy a reliable phone.The only problem I have encountered is the whatsapp.I deleted the whatsapp by mistake,I tried to download it and install but I have tried and not winning.Please can you help me to download and install the whatsapp

  3. Samsung Z2 comes with bundle offer Jio SIM. But unfortunately this offer is is nothing for the consumer. Consumer has to generate barcode and stand in long queue for their turn. Same is already available with 4G enabled phone. Samsung provide packet sim as it can’t be activated neither buy seller nor by reliance store. Consumer has to generate Barcode then move ahead to reliance store so there is not use of giving this packet sim alongwith this phone except making full to the consumer that consumer will get the sim without standing in the queue.

  4. Hello Guys, Its an Awesome phone. But Whts app doesnt work. Tizen Store has an expired Version of Whts app. There is no way you can install an updated version. I ve uninstalled and reinstalled whts app. But no Go. Hence I am returning it now. I bought this Smart Phone after years as normally I dont like a Smart Phone as it keeps us busy with unnecessary social networking activities. But it turned out to be an inconvenient experience.

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